Business Checklist de Janeiro

Posted by on 10th Jan 2018


1. Crie um plano pro seu negócio.

Take some time to write out your dreams, then your specific goals, and then your actions to make those goals become a reality. To be productive in this business, a clear direction is necessary!

2. Defina seu público alvo.

Specify WHO your ideal client is, so when it comes to marketing, you know the best platform to reach these ideal clients and how to grab their attention better.

3. Mostre seus melhores trabalhos.

January is one of the best months to be attracting new clients. If you are like me, you’ve seen at least a dozen proposals on your Facebook feed over the holidays; those couples are now in wedding planning mode and it is important to be ‘top of mind’ for those people. Post your best, connecting photos on a regular basis to the social media outlets you are focusing on.

4. Dê destaque pro MELHOR das suas fotos.

Sharing your top images from each wedding or session can be helpful for so many reasons like showing off your best work in one spot, it reminds those clients to talk about you, it gives you a great Facebook gallery/album which spreads your reach even more and even allows you to have the collection of your best work for easy access in the future months. If you haven’t yet, create a Facebook album of all your BEST photos from last year!

5. Renove seu site.

This is a great time to update those images in your gallery to reflect your current work and showcase the images your clients will connect with.

6. Solidifique o processo do seu cliente.

What are the steps you do from when you first get an inquiry to the final delivery? Update your current step by step process or write one down from scratch. Don’t forget to include when you give a client gift, when/how you send a contract, what you do for an engagement session, how you back up photos, the list goes on. The more detail the better. Having a clear system will help you stay more organized and give your clients a better experience!

7. Leia livros de negócios.

Running a photography business is usually 20% Shooting 80% Business, so knowing how to be a CEO and run a great business is vital. Good business books motivate us and give us direction on systems we can use to better our business.

8. Invista em aprendizado.

For many of us, it is our off-season. This is your chance to kick it up into full gear and get ready for this next season. Lucky for you the Turn It UP Conference is coming soon and the Certificate program will be on sale! Join the waitlist HERE.

9. Seja publicado(a).

Clients are impressed when their photographer gets chosen to be featured in a blog or magazine. Plus, couples that come across your work, may be on the search for a photographer!

10. Faça uma coisa de cada vez.

I often impress myself with working on 5 tasks at the same time, BUT how much time and focus am I learning by flip-flopping with my tasks. Get one thing done at a time and don’t forget to take breaks.